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    Hello, Welcome To Chong Qing Sanlei Glass Fiber Co.,ltd Official Website!

    Single End Roving for High Pressure


    Product  Code
    Product  Features
    u  Dedicated Epoxy Sizing and special Silane system for Filament winding process
    u  Fast Wet-out, Low Fuzz, excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties
    u  It is designed for epoxy filament winding process, suitable for epoxy anhydride curing and amine curing system. It is used for High pressure pipes, CNG tank, water pipes and tanks application.

    Technical  Properties

    Product code Filament diameter um Linear density
    Moisture content,% LOI content,% Tensile strength N/tex
    SL940-600 13 600±5%  
    SL940-1200 16 1200±5%
    SL940-2400 17 2400±5%
    Packing Way NET Weight(kg) Pallet Size (mm)
    Pallet 1000-1200 (64 doffs) 1300*1150*1150
    Storage Items
    l  It should be stored in cool and dry area .The recommended temperature range is around 10-30℃, and humidity should be 50 -75%. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water.
    l  The glass fiber products must remain in their original packaging material until the point of usage

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