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    Hello, Welcome To Chong Qing Sanlei Glass Fiber Co.,ltd Official Website!

    Single End Roving for Weaving and Fabrics


    Product  Code

    Product  Features
    u  Dedicated Sizing and special Silane system for Filament winding process
    u  Fast Wet-out, Low Fuzz, excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties
    u  It is designed for weaving and fabrics application, can be suitable for UP/VE/Epoxy resin system.
    Technical  Properties

    Product code Filament diameter um Linear density
    Moisture content,% LOI content,% Tensile strength N/tex
    SL 960-300 13 300±5%  
    SL960-600 16 600±5%
    SL960-1200 16 1200±5%
    SL960-2400 17 2400±5%
    Packing Way NET Weight(kg) Pallet Size (mm)
    Pallet 1000-1200 (64 doffs) 1300*1150*1150
    Storage Items
    l  It should be stored in cool and dry area .The recommended temperature range is around 10-30℃, and humidity should be 50 -75%. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water.
    l  The glass fiber products must remain in their original packaging material until the point of usage

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