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    Hello, Welcome To Chong Qing Sanlei Glass Fiber Co.,ltd Official Website!

    Chopped Strand For BMC


    Product  Code

    Product  Features
    u  SL710 is Chopped by ECR glass fibers coated with Silane-based sizing
    u  SL710 Chopped Strands are compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins, Excellent mechanical performance
    u  Low static and low fuzz
    Designed for compression or injection molding process. Can be used for auto parts, low voltage electrical switches, electric tools, artificial marble table and have strength requirements application.

    Technical  Properties

    Number Test Item Unit Results Method
    1 Appearance - White Visual
    2 Filament Diameter μm 13±1 ISO 1888
    3 Moisture Content % ≤0.1 ISO 3344
    4 LOI Content % 1.70±0.15 ISO 1887
    5 Chop Length mm ±1 GB/T 1219
    Packing Way NET Weight(kg) Pallet Size (mm)
    Bulk Bag 25 -
    Storage Items
    l  It should be stored in cool and dry area .The recommended temperature range is around 10-30℃, and humidity should be 50 -75%. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water.
    l  The glass fiber products must remain in their original packaging material until the point of usage

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